About START | Our Mission

The cure STARTs here.

South Texas Accelerated Research Therapeutics (START) directs clinical trials of novel anticancer agents using a high quality and innovative information technology infrastructure to ensure accurate and rapid clinical trials in a setting that emphasizes personalized and compassionate clinical care. START’s head office is located in San Antonio, Texas, in the heart of the South Texas Medical Center.

With centers located in the US, Spain and China START conducts the world’s largest Phase I medical oncology program – putting more than 400 patients per year on Phase I trials. Patients travel from all over the world to participate in one or more of our Phase I drug trials.

START - Our MissionSTART consists of a team of highly trained physicians and staff with extensive experience in Phase I clinical trials research and are nationally recognized as thought leaders in cancer research and drug development.

The mission of START is to accelerate the development of new anticancer drugs that will improve the quality of life and survival for patients with cancer. Our drug development program is not only furthering cancer research, but also offers hope to patients facing the toughest cancer battles. START operates under the leadership of Dr. Anthony W. Tolcher, Dr. Amita Patnaik, Dr. Kyriakos P. Papadopoulos and Dr. Drew Rasco in San Antonio, Texas and Dr. Emiliano Calvo, Dr. Victor Moreno in Madrid, Spain and Dr. Nehal Lakhani and Dr. Timothy O'Rourke in Grand Rapids.