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Leading US Phase I Trial Group Opens Center in Shanghai - South Texas Accelerated Research Therapeutics, START

START ShanghaiSTART’s long-range plan is to locate its Phase I centers in strategic locations around the world. Dr. Anthony Tolcher, clinical director for START said, "Our goal is to have research ongoing around the clock." "Shanghai," he said, "became part of the plan because of the many U.S. trained physicians in China who want the opportunity to participate in cancer research and clinical studies." Dr. Tolcher added, "Shanghai also has a highly educated work force with excellent communications and infrastructure." START Shanghai will be located at Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, Shanghai's largest cancer hospital where Dr. Li Jin serves as Fudan's director of the Department of Medical Oncology.

Dr. Tolcher added, "China has actually undertaken enormous building of new hospitals throughout the country. You can go into many medical centers there and find very modern facilities that aren't lacking for anything. China is quickly emerging as a center of excellence for health care, and we wanted to be a part of that." Cenova Venture Capital, START's investment partner in the new venture, is a very successful healthcare investment fund backed by the central and local Chinese governments. START expects to be initiating trials for US pharmaceutical companies, as well as domestic Chinese biotechnology companies. "Some trials," according to Dr. Tolcher, "will be conducted exclusively in China while others will take place in parallel in the United States and China." He went on to say "trials in China will have distinct protocols with pharmacokinetic studies designed for an Asian population." Dr. Tolcher stressed that China is not a "medical backwater," but rather a country making enormous leaps forward. "For them to develop a robust biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry, they are going to need world-class Phase I facilities," he said.

Gina Mangold, will serve as CEO of START Shanghai, and Junning Cao, MD, is the new Clinical Director. Dr. Cao had been learning the ropes at START in San Antonio for several months.

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