The Faces of START

The Faces of START is a tapestry of black and white photos that tell the story of just a handful of the people who comprise START.

These photos consist of Phase I patients – some of whom are pictured with family members – who choose to participate in a clinical trial. Their courage, strength and determination is apparent in their stories, which are a source of inspiration for us all. Alongside these photos are START staff members as well as volunteers who everyday in a thousand ways... support our mission of finding a cure for cancer. These are just a few of the beautiful FACES that reflect the hope that lives, breathes, and ultimately weaves its way into the hearts of everyone who comes in contact with START.

These are the Faces that say…The Cure STARTs Here.

  • Cally Claiborne
  • Maria Aguilar
  • Barbara Rosenstrauch
  • Barbara Groff
  • Cathy Alvarez
  • Dan Shope
  • Lynda Schrek
  • Beverly Willis
  • Larry Dipoma.jpg
  • Gail Groves.jpg
  • Pam Hanson.jpg
  • Jesse Garza.jpg
  • Ruby & Lydia.jpg
  • Jim Agnew.jpg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lozano.jpg
  • Ron Diehl.jpg
  • Raiford Ziegler.jpg
  • Sandra Harper.jpg
  • Sara Soto.jpg
  • Robert Parrish.jpg
  • Steve richardson
  • Margaret Conrad
  • Jesus Gonzalez
  • Lori Vanta
  • Eddie Greer
  • Gerald Cooper
  • Alice Mejia
  • Rebecca Ross Lopez
  • Leon Loftin
  • Georgia Hopper
  • Lisa Martinez
  • Betty Lairsey