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March 22nd, 2016
By: Targeted Anticancer Therapies

TAT Honorary Award Lecture 2016

Anthony W. Tolcher, M.D., FRCP

Director of Clinical Research at START,
San Antonio, TX

Presented the TAT Honorary Award Lecture 2016 which was awarded to him in recognition of his extensive and excellent work in the development of new anticancer agents, in particular in the early phases of clinical development. In addition, the organizers honored him for a decade of service as an active member of the TAT Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Tolcher's Honorary Award Lecture was entitled "Disrupting Early Clinical Trials" in which he critically reviewed current practice of conducting oncology phase 1 studies and ways to improve the conduct of phase 1 studies by adopting new (data transfer) technologies. He emphasized the importance of respecting the skills needed to perform the work and the people who do the work in phase 1.

About the TAT Honorary Award Lecture

The TAT Honorary Award Lecture was established in the early 1990s, originally under the title NDDO Honorary Award Lecture. It is awarded to distinguished cancer drug development experts who have devoted a major part of their careers to the discovery and development of better anticancer medicines. The Lecture is always presented as the first lecture of the Opening Ceremony of the annual TAT Congress.

Past Honorary Award Lecturers

  • Hilary Calvert (2015)
  • Patricia LoRusso (2014)
  • Jean-Pierre Armand (2013)
  • Elizabeth Eisenhauer (2012)
  • Giuseppe Giaccone (2011)
  • Axel Ullrich (2010)
  • Napoleone Ferrara (2009)
  • Julian Adams (2008)
  • Jaap Verweij (2007)
  • Paul Workman (2006)
  • Daniel Von Hoff (2005)
  • Bob Pinedo (2003)
  • John Mendelsohn (2002)