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September 24th, 2010
San Antonio Business Journal
By: W. Scott Bailey

START cancer center unveils new division

START Center for Cancer Care's Dr. Shelly Gunn believes GenomeConsult will have a big impact on patient treatment.

The START Center for Cancer Care has created a new division, GenomeConsult, that will link oncologists with patient-specific, DNA-based molecular testing to help advance more precise treatments for individuals suffering with cancerous diseases.

START officials say this is a landmark development that will change the way doctors and researchers fight cancer, while raising the profile of the local center and the city — nationally and internationally.

"This is a really big deal," says Dr. Anthony Tolcher, director of clinical research for START, referring to GenomeConsult. "It's a big deal because cancer is a genetic disease."

Health care and the biosciences combined are a multibillion-dollar industry in San Antonio — the city’s leading economic driver. Tolcher says San Antonio is poised to grow that industry, and the creation of GenomeConsult is a step in that direction.