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December 8th, 2010

Prestigious Aspen Cancer Conference moves headquarters to START

The 26 year old gathering of cancer researchers known as the Aspen Cancer Conference is considered to be among the most prestigious in the nation. South Texas Accelerated Research Therapeutics (START) -- with clinic sites in San Antonio, Texas and Madrid, Spain and operating the world’s largest Phase I clinical trials program for novel anticancer agents -- is pleased to announce that it will be a sustaining sponsor of the 2011 Conference, and will serve as the new headquarters for conference coordinators. The 2011 Conference: Mechanisms of Toxicity, Carcinogenesis, Cancer Prevention and Cancer Therapy will be held in July.

Conceived and started in 1985 by Drs. Benjamin F. Trump and Curtis C. Harris, the by-invitation-only conference routinely attracts Nobel laureates and internationally renowned cancer experts and researchers. 

Dr. Anthony Tolcher, clinical director for START said, “The Aspen Cancer Conference headquarters moving to START reflects our commitment to research and the dissemination of knowledge worldwide.  We are delighted to be partnering with this prestigious conference.” The Aspen Cancer Conference had previously located their headquarters at The University of Texas Health Science Center.

The Conference emphasizes the relationships between toxicity and carcinogenesis and the identification of novel strategies in cancer prevention, diagnosis and therapy. The purpose of these meetings is to assemble a group of leading scientists working in a wide range of disciplines representing industry, government and academia to confer formally and informally on current concepts and aspects of research which transcend the normal boundaries that often exist between different scientific disciplines, agencies and organization.

START conducts the largest Phase I clinical trials program for new anticancer drugs.