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December 10th, 2013

START welcomes Dr. Dongmei Ji, Visiting Medical Oncologist from the Medical Center of Fudan University

Dr. Dongmei  Ji(SAN ANTONIO) -- December 11, 2013 -- START (South Texas Accelerated Research Therapeutics) is pleased to welcome Dr. Dongmei Ji, who is in San Antonio to participate in a three-month Observership in START's Phase I oncology drug development program. Dr. Ji is a visiting medical oncologist from the Medical Center of Fudan University in Shanghai where she serves as a clinical Investigator at START-Shanghai--one of China's premier Phase I oncology programs.

With centers located in the US, Spain, and China, START conducts the world's largest Phase I drug development program, putting more than 400 patients per year on Phase I trials. The mission of START is to accelerate the development of new anticancer drugs that will improve the quality of life and survival for patients. The purpose of START's International Observership Program is to enable physicians to visit the US and -- by shadowing START's world-renowned clinical researchers -- to experience first-hand the cutting edge research taking place at START.

START's Observership program is highly specialized and introduces participants to the many facets of oncology drug development including clinical trial design, methodology, as well as mechanisms of action and pharmacology of novel targeted agents. 

Dr. Ji will have the opportunity to attend both didactic lectures as well as case presentations focusing on key issues in the drug development field and will learn about genomic research in addition to signaling pathways and associated critical nodes that may be "druggable targets."

"We believe that conquering cancer must be a cohesive global effort and thus our International Observer Program is an important step in advancing innovation among the global community of Phase I researchers," said Dr. Amita Patnaik associate director of clinical research at START and director of the Phase I drug development fellowship program at START.  

"These visiting clinicians will take what they learn here back to their respective countries, ultimately strengthening the world wide effort to accelerate the development of new agents." She continued, "Dr. Ji will have opportunities for both bench and bedside learning and we believe that this experience will be invaluable as she begins her career in phase I trials research at START Shanghai."


About South Texas Accelerated Research Therapeutics: START operates the largest, global, 24-hour Phase I research organization focused on accelerating the development of new anticancer drugs with the purpose of improving quality of life and survival for patients with cancer. START operates under the leadership of Dr. Anthony W. Tolcher, Dr. Amita Patnaik, Dr. Kyriakos P. Papadopoulos and Dr. Drew Rasco, and consists of a team of highly trained staff with extensive experience in Phase I clinical trials research. For more information please visit For information on START Shanghai, visit and for information on START Madrid visit: