Preclinical Services | In Vivo Services

We offer a broad range of subcutaneous and orthotopic tumor models developed and validated in mice. In addition, we have over 40 tumor models developed in rats.

Our experienced team is skilled in drug formulation and administration and can quickly and efficiently carry out dose ranging, proof-of-principle and combination efficacy studies including blood and tissue collection and analysis. Twenty-four hour data access allows sponsors to follow study progress and final data is reported in a format suitable for most submissions. Study types and services include:

  • Maximum tolerated dose (MTD) and minimum effective dose (MED) determinations
  • Tumor growth inhibition (TGI), tumor growth delay (TGD), survival and adjuvant studies
  • Efficacy and toxicity database for evaluation of novel agents in combination with standards of care
  • Histopathology and blood analysis and biomarker discovery services
  • Patient-derived tumor model development services
  • Electronic data capture and management
  • 24-hour sponsor access to study data

The In Vivo Preclinical Program is accredited the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC), International. This organization conducts a site visit every three years to ensure that the highest standards of animal care are maintained.

The NIH recognizes AAALAC accreditation as a means of achieving and maintaining stringent standards for all aspects of the care and use of research animals.



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Michael J. Wick, Ph.D.
Director, Preclinical Research
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