Preclinical Research

START's preclinical program is unique in that our researchers work alongside leading Phase I clinicians whose clinical experience and collaboration allows us to accelerate the movement of agents through preclinical development and into first in man studies.

Preclinical Research

START’s Preclinical Research Program is dedicated to developing improved preclinical models and assays to accelerate oncology drug development.


In Vivo Services

START’s In Vivo Laboratory offers an extensive collection of subcutaneous and orthotopic tumor models for rapid and efficient preclinical drug development needs.

In Vitro Services

START’s In Vitro Laboratory offers cell based drug screening and assay development to quickly identify drug candidates and targets for further development.


Patient Tumor Model Program

START’s Patient Tumor Model Program allows patients to participate in developing better models for testing new anticancer agents with the goal of identifying the most effective drugs to move into the clinic.